Discussion of Results To Date

*** Latest results:

6 Nov 2017 - The Results table will be expanded to add 111-marker results with the next update.

2 Aug 2017 - H023 has completed the first Big Y/NGS test for a Group A Holcombe. The test shows many matches with Scandinavian names that should yield interesting information the pre-surname origins of the main Holcombe line. This test also yielded a new haplogroup assignment which will probably apply to all Group A Holcombes, but which has not been tested in any others yet. H034 is a Smith who is anew member of Group A and whose family is from Gloucester, England.

6 Jun 2017 - H032 was added as a new member in the Misc Group and H033 added as a new member in Subgroup A2.

24 Jun 2016 - No changes in results.

8 Feb 2016 - The haplogroup for all of Group A has been refined to I-S22349 based on SNP-testing results from Member H023.

7 Jun 2015 - H031 was added as a new member in the Miscellaneous Group.

14 Aug 2014 The haplogroup for Group A has been revised to I-Z382 based on recent SNP results for one member of Group A.

17 May 2014 - Haplogroup results have been updated for Group B Holcombes, which has a paternal Westbrook line. This group has been determined by Big Y testing to be R-CTS6889, a haplogroup that seems to have originated in the area of Switzerland or southern Germany. With the advent of Big Y, haplogroup testing is becoming available at a more and more detailed level and is becoming more useful for genetic genealogy. No one from the main Group A Holcombe group has yet done a Big Y test, so this is an opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing the earlier migration history of the Holcombe family before they settled in Somerset and Devon. For more information, please contact the project administrator.

20 Jan 2014 There are no new results as of this update.

20 Feb 2013 New 67 marker results have been added.

17 Oct 2012 H026 and H027 are new members of Subgroup A2.

19 Jul 2012 A Wyatt of Holcombe descent has been added to the project results.

14 Oct 2010 Participant H010 has been added to Subgroup A1. Participant H020 has been added to Subgroup A3b based on 67-marker results showing a distinct mutation matching this subgroup. Participant H021 is also a new member of this subgroup.

12 Jun 2010 New marker results posted for Participant H020.

6 Jan 2010 New participant H020 in Group A Miscellaneous.

9 Oct 2009 New 67-marker results for a descendant of Benjamin, son of Richard, of the Virginia line show a distinctive mutation for this group of Marker 531 = 13. Since this mutation has only been found in this group, it will be useful in placing any Holcombes who are not able to trace their lines on paper. This marker can be ordered a la carte from FTDNA as an Advance Marker.

9 Jan 2009---Group A, the main Holcombe genetic line, has been divided into subgroups to show three known immigrant groups to Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Virginia. Persons have been placed in these subgroups when their genealogical records show that they belong to a particular subgroup or when their DNA results indicate a closer match with a particular subgroup than with other Holcombes. We hope in time to be able to identify particular genetic marker values that will distinguish each of these branches of the family.

7 Aug 2008---DNA results have established two different paternal lines of descent for Groups A and B of the project. Group A is the main Holcombe genetic line for Families A, B and D as given in McPherson. Group B is part of Family D, but has a different paternal line.

24 Jun 2008---New results indicate that Families A, B and D from McPherson’s The Holcombes, Nation Builders, all share common English descent. Probably most American Holcomb/es are descended from one of these three families.

24 April 2008---Initial results indicate that there is more than one genetic lines of Holcombes. DNA matching will be a valuable tool in determining which Holcombe line each family belongs to. We hope to eventually find genetic matches to tie each line to a location in England.