Discussion of Results To Date

2 Aug - H164 added to Misc group.

22 May 2017 - H162 (Hassell) is a new member of Subgroup L1; H163 (Pomeroy) is a new member in the Miscellaneous group.

3 Apr 2017 - The following new members were added: H157, H159 and H160 in Misc; H158 and H161 in Group A.

20 Dec 2016 - New Groups Q and R have been added. New results have been added for H149 through H156.

7 Jul 2016 - New Group P, Holmeses of Ireland, was added. H146 was added to Group D. H141-145 were added to the Miscellaneous group.

9 Feb 2016 - H138 was added to Group H. H139 was added to the Miscellaneous Group. H140 is a new member in Group G. Results are pending for H141 in the Miscellaneous Group.

18 Nov 2015

Results table modified to add all 111-marker results. Numerous haplogroups results updated to show results of individual SNP tests (in boldface).

8 Sep 2015 - Results table updated.

15 Aug 2014 - H135 is a new member of the Miscellaneous group.

17 May 2014 - H133 has been moved to the Miscellaneous group based on 37-marker results. H134 is a new participant in the Miscellaneous group.

20 Jan 2014 - New marker results have been added for H054 in Holmes Group A.

18 May 2013 - Two new sets of results have been added. Pending results were updated.

20 Feb 2013 - 67-marker results have been added for H099 in Group L.

17 Oct 2012 - H123 is a new member of Group C.

3 Jun 2012 - H121 has been added as a new member of Group L.

14 Oct 2010 - H093 has been added to Group L. Group L has been divided into two subgroups. Connections between the members of Subtgroup L1 and other members of Group L are not clear based on the current level of results.

4 Jul 2010 - H101 is a new member of Group D. H044 has been moved from Subgroup A2 to Subgroup A1 based on a closer match at 37-marker results. The diversity of marker values in Group A seems to indicate a family whose surname has been widespread over many generations.

6 Jan 2010 New Groups L and M have been added. Group L traces to Northern Ireland and Group M to England. Also, Participant H095 has been added to Subgroup A1. H095 traces to Renfrewshire, Scotland, though it is not clear at this point whether this is the place of origin of the family due to this being at the fairly late date of 1822. Further research in the Scottish records may clear this up.

8 Oct 2009 Group K - Hume/s of Pennsylvania and England New results for Markers 38 through 67.

24 July 2009 Group K - Hume/s of Pennsylvania and England New group.

14 Mar 2008 Group I Holmeses of Virginia or North Carolina New group.

14 Mar 2008 Group J Holmeses of Northern Ireland and Georgia New group.

26 Aug 2007 Group F Holmeses of Viriginia New group.

26 Aug 2007 Group G Holmeses of Warwickshire, England, and New York New group.

26 Aug 2007 Group H Holmeses of New York and North Carolina New group.

7 May 2007 Group E Holmeses of England and Virginia New group.

7 May 2007 Group D Holmeses of England and Plymouth Massachusetts New group.

3 Nov 2006 Group A Holmeses of Tennessee, Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts; Counties Donegal and Antrim, N. Ireland Four new members have been added to this group. Significantly, one of these is a family who have resided in Islandmagee, east Co. Antrim, N. Ireland, since the late 1700s and are believed to have lived at Holmestown, Co. Donegal, before that. We hope to locate additional participants to confirm the connection with Co. Donegal. The Co. Donegal family traditionally traces their origin to the Isle of Wight.

1 Sep 2006 Group C Holmeses of Coleraine, Northern Ireland This group has been expanded to three families based on results received to date. H033 is a family that migrated from Coleraine to near Brockville, Ontario. H036 is a family still residing near Coleraine.

15 Sep 2005 Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation has added the capability to search results by surname. Consequently a number of new sets of results for Holmeses tested by that organization have been located. Although the results do not form any new groups at this time, they do provide a good background for possible future matches for new project participants.

15 Sep 2005 Group A Holmeses of Delaware and Massachusetts This match was found by using project results for H002 to search the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) database. These families may be able to share information in order to further their genealogical research. We have an additional match for this family; the project release form is pending.

14 Jul 2005 Group B Abraham Holmes Family of Londonderry, NH, and Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland This match is strictly from results in the SMGF database. It is of interest to the project because the family of H005 was also associated with Londonderry, NH, and also included an Abraham Holmes. These two pieces of information seemed to be a good indication that the families might be related. However, these DNA results indicate otherwise. There is the possibility that this mismatch is due to an adoption in one of the lines. Either testing of an additional family member (preferably a distant cousin) in each line or finding matches with other Holmes families would help confirm these results as being accurate signatures for the respective Holmes family lines.