Holmes DNA Project Release of Liability Waiver

I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the Holmes DNA Project administrator (Edwin F. Holcombe, Jr.) from liability in any legal issue which may result from my participation in the Holmes DNA project.

I understand and agree that any questions or issues regarding DNA testing or payment for testing services are to be handled directly between the participant and the testing company.

I agree to release my project code number, ancestors’ names, ancestors’ chronology, ancestors’ locations, and DNA markers for publication on the Holmes DNA Project web pages. I understand that no information concerning my identity will be published or released without my permission.

Signed _________________________________

(Signature of person being tested)


Telephone No. __________________________

E-mail address _____________________________________

Note: If you have problems printing, this text may be cut and pasted into your own document for printing. Please return this form to Edwin F. Holcombe 1524 Druid Hills Avenue Hendersonville, NC 28791 USA