How to be a Sponsor

One of the primary objectives of this project is to help members of various Holmes families learn their family history as revealed through DNA. For DNA results to be useful, we must have DNA results of others to compare them to.

In the case of the Holmeses, it is useful that we have participation of those Holmeses whose families have been located for generations in the ancestral Holmes seats in England, Scotland or Ireland.

However, because they may already know where their families come from, those Holmeses who still live in these ancestral seats are the least likely to be willing to fund their own DNA testing.

Recognizing the benefit to all Holmeses of this DNA study, we are opening a Holmes DNA Project Fund with Family Tree DNA. All moneys contributed to this fund will be used to support DNA tests for Holmes families that are considered key to the project as determined by the Holmes DNA Project Administrator. Priority will be placed using these funds for DNA tests for Holmes families still residing in their ancestral seats.

All Holmeses, whether participating in the project or not, are encouraged to consider a contribution. To make a contribution, please visit the website below: