Reasons for the Project

The Morrison DNA Project collects information that will assist participants in researching their Morrison family histories. There are many cases where families can only be traced back a few generations before the paper trail runs out. Frequently this is before the family can be traced to the ancestral homeland.

DNA testing is a valuable supplement to information available through traditional sources. DNA testing of one representative member of a family provides information on which other Morrison families the participant's family is and is not related to by comparison to the DNA of the other Morrison families in the project.

Although the surname of most Morrisons is Scottish in origin, there were also persons who adopted the Morrison surname in England, Ireland, America and elsewhere. Even in Scotland, there were a number of different Morrison families originating in various locations in the Highlands and the Lowlands.

As the number of participants from various Morrison families grows, we can see which Morrison families are closely related in Scotland and abroad. Sharing of information among these related Morrison families can provide a wealth of additional information on early family origins.

In some cases, even though no matches are found with other Morrison families, matches will be found with families of other surnames. If these surnames have origins in a specific locality, these matches with other surnames can be valuable clues as to the deeper origins of that particular Morrison family.