Updates to Tracing the Morrison Family

See the Morrison DNA Project at www.geneticousins.com/morrison for the latest information on Y-DNA matching. DNA matching is being used to continue research into the origins of our Morrisons, who are listed with Group F in the project results. All interested Morrisons are invited to join the project.

22 Sep 2013 - Corrections to text:

p. 56 Footnote 9 to Chapter 2. For "Families of Lewis---The Morisons:, delete "(ca. 1880)".

p. 229 No. 9i. Delete death date for Edith S. Matthews.

p. 374 No. 535. Spelling should be "Chisholm" in both occurrences.

p. 422 No. 17i. Should read "Samuel David".

19 Dec 2012 - New DNA results for our Morrison line provide further confirmation of the origins of our Morrisons in Southwest Scotland. See Discussion of Group F at www.geneticousins.com/morrison for the details.

We also have a Family Finder DNA match with a descendant of the Richard Brown, first cousin of Richard T. Morrison I, who moved to Texas. In addition, we have a match with another Brown cousin who descends from a branch of the family in Co. Donegal, Ireland.