How to Participate

Revised July 6, 2013

The Westbrook DNA Project recommends that participants use Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) for their DNA testing. They offer 12-, 25-, 37– and 67-marker Y-chromosome DNA tests. In order to obtain more meaningful results, it is recommended that participants select the 37-marker test as a minimum. The 12-marker test is not considered sufficient to establish relationship. If another testing service is used, it is recommended that the test include as many of the markers on the above 37-marker test as possible. Testing of more markers can sometimes be useful in identifying particular branches of the family and may be used for that purpose.

As a member of the Westbrook DNA Project, the cost for a 37-marker Y-chromosome test is $149. In addition, there is a $5 postage charge for US residents and slightly higher for mailing the test kits to non-US addresses. Participants may want to locate other members of their own Westbrook family group who are willing to share in the cost.

If FTDNA is used, they will assign each participant a personal page on their web site where the participant’s test results and comparisons with their database can be reviewed once results are available (typically 6-8 weeks after they receive the test kits). They will communicate directly with participants by e-mail and postal mail.

FTDNA will also provide the Westbrook DNA Project Administrators access to the results for each Westbrook DNA Project participant. A summary of results obtained by members of the Westbrook DNA Project will be posted at this website from time to time as new information is available. Postings on this website will not give the names of the project participants, but will be identified with the earliest known Westbrook ancestors that the participant represents.

If a participant chooses to use a different testing company than FTDNA, please contact the project administrator before ordering the test so that markers can be chosen that will provide the best comparisons with others in the project.

In order to participate in the project, please print and sign the Release of Liability/Liability Waiver agreement. (This is on a separate page of this website.) Please also prepare a pedigree chart or GEDCOM file tracing your westbrook family as far back as possible. Dates, locations and names of spouses and siblings of Westbrook ancestors are all helpful. Please forward these items to Edwin F. Holcombe Westbrook DNA Project Co-Administrator 1524 Druid Hills Ave. Hendersonville, NC 28791 USA or by e-mail to efholcombe at For any questions or comments, please contact the Administrator or Co-Administrator.